Tilmeld dit band allerede i dag.


Resultat Århus indledende #1

Århus indledende runde #1, Atlas

Capacity – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 1 (52 stemmer)

Capacity Emergenza Festival ÅrhusModern oldschool full of power – stadium rock is kicking the ears. Great performance, wild and energetic. Technically really well played – good old times with a young band, wow.

Panacea – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 2 (48 stemmer)

Panacea Emergenza Festival ÅrhusAlso Death Metal can grap the whole crowd. The best drummer ever, all the band pure energy, rolling right over your senses. Death Metal will never die.

Fabl – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 3 (45 stemmer)

Fabl Emergenza Festival ÅrhusElectronica – gambling with emotions, wrapping the audience in a carpet of sounds, performing the subtle way. They take you on a musically adventure trip. Great.

The Jackals – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 4 (44 stemmer)

The Jackals Emergenza Festival ÅrhusThe Jackals started like playing in a sold out stadium. Respect! Clear and straight, Indie meeting Rock’n’Roll. Thank you for a fantastic opening of the night.

Embargo – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 5 (39 stemmer)

Embargo Emergenza Festival ÅrhusGreat Britain meets Denmark, Ian Dury meets The Kinks. Embargo is different and extraordinary. Give them a little time and they will storm big stages.

Gerylaag – Placering: 6 (36 stemmer)

Gerylaag Emergenza Festival ÅrhusThey call it Melodic Rock, I call it best entertainment. Touching your soul, make you dance. Funk the Reggae, harder riffs meeting offbeat. I like it.

Mik V – Placering: 7 (34 stemmer)

Mik V Emergenza Festival ÅrhusPlaying the real HipHop, pulling the crowd to the stage. There is a flow all over, making people dance. They are so vivid and groovy, beside telling you about life. A perfect show.

Farewell Carousel – Placering: 8 (28 stemmer)

Farewell Carousel Emergenza Festival ÅrhusFarewell Carousel are champions on their instruments. Songwriting and arrangements are as perfect. This kind of Poprock existed and will exist for ever.
Fotograf: Philip Bo Pedersen
Gæsteskribent: Peter Bauer

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