Tilmeld dit band allerede i dag.


Resultat Århus indledende #3

Århus indledende runde #3, Atlas

Indisk Snaps – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 1 (113 stemmer)

Indisk Snaps Emergenza Festival ÅrhusFinally some Funk, yeah. Fantastic played without any wigglewaggle, all straight with an own fingerprint – highly interesting and so good played.

Lowrider Betty – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 2 (107 stemmer)

Lowrider Betty Emergenza Festival ÅrhusThey are just cool – speeding up and down the stage of ATLAS, moving the audience with a punch – a rock highlight.

Paper Plane Factory – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 3 (80 stemmer)

Paper Plane Factory Emergenza Festival ÅrhusAll the way from Ikast they started the night so unbelievivable professional, singing hymns and Poprocksongs having also a punch. Such an opening makes the rocknight easy going.

Exobrain – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 4 (76 stemmer)

Exobrain Emergenza Festival ÅrhusHardrock – sure? Exobrain is playing just Exobrain. Steady and straight guitars on a heavy rhythm accompanying a progressive singer. Totally out of genre and great.

Broken – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 5 (74 stemmer)

Broken Emergenza Festival ÅrhusSo young and already so good. Maybe not yet perfect, but they send out all the power you can imagine.

Snejegast – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 6 (68 stemmer)

Snejegast Emergenza Festival ÅrhusLife can be so simple. Folkrock with trumpet, harmonium and a double bass. So good to be in the club dancing and listening to good music.

Isho – Placering: 7 (59 stemmer)

Isho Emergenza Festival ÅrhusPoetry of the street. They are not only rappers, it is a whole band telling us about love and hate, street and home. A perfect performance touching body and soul.

All About Zero – Placering: delt 8 (45 stemmer)

All About Zero Emergenza Festival ÅrhusThey are Stoner, just crunch and clean. The rest is heavy and on the point. Moving your body the stoner way, with lots of passion.

Small Time Giants – Placering: delt 8 (45 stemmer)

Small Time Giants Emergenza Festival ÅrhusGreenland in Aarhus. Nothing is any more the same. They bring the wide open, celebrating their fantastic Postrock. Their concert’s an experience. Thank you
Fotograf: Philip Bo Pedersen
Gæsteskribent: Peter Bauer

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