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Resultat Århus indledende #4

Århus indledende runde #4, Voxhall

If You Love Koosh – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 1 (121 stemmer)

If You Love Koosh Emergenza Festival ÅrhusBallads never heard like that before – steady, stomping, touchy, powerful. Many of the great musicians would bow their head.

Dirty Tenders – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 2 (109 stemmer)

Dirty Tenders Emergenza Festival ÅrhusAmericana, Poprock the alternative way. Charming harmonies, close to Steve Miller or Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, nevertheless the true Dirty Tenders. Thanks for your gig!

Good Morning Moon – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 3 (106 stemmer)

Good Morning Moon Emergenza Festival ÅrhusRockpop at its best with a great voice of the very young singer. The band carry the audience through the concert with their elaborate songs and catchy tunes. They have a big potential.

Mammas Boys – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 4 (94 stemmer)

Mammas Boys Emergenza Festival ÅrhusStraight and pushing Rock with a big Roll, somewhat eating miles on the highway, somehow fighting in the backyard. Just the music you hear before crashing into the weekend.

Electric Sky – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 5 (82 stemmer)

Electric Sky Emergenza Festival ÅrhusClassic Rock with a voice going under the skin – Robert Plant is singing Axel Rose, pushed by the double kick drum and supported by the pushing guitar. Marvelous.

Rapid Dominance – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 6 (74 stemmer)

Rapid Dominance Emergenza Festival ÅrhusSo heavy, even light cannot escape it. Speeding like hell, still keeping the harmonies up. Great show, head banging goes on…

The Boy That Got Away – Placering: 7 (70 stemmer)

The Boy That Got Away Emergenza Festival ÅrhusJust hitting the highway, heavy grooving, making everybody feeling in the open. Somewhat Stoner and Americana. It feels just good.

New Discolour – Placering: 8 (68 stemmer)

New Discolour Emergenza Festival ÅrhusThe hardest working metal band ever. Hard, progressive, with a mighty punch. New Discolour is in town – attention.

The Ancient Momentum – Placering: 9 (64 stemmer)

The Ancient Momentum Emergenza Festival ÅrhusBuilding up the songs slowly with the biggest care they culminate in a dance of guitar, saxophone and keyboard. Fantastic songwriting and arrangements.
Fotograf: Nichlas Hansen
Gæsteskribent: Peter Bauer

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