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Resultat Århus indledende #5

Århus indledende runde #5, Voxhall

Spoken Flow – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 1 (133 stemmer)

Spoken Flow Emergenza Festival ÅrhusIndieRap, floating through the club, groovy, but still Rap with these mellow melodies. No question we had a really excited and screaming audience.

Gaijo – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 2 (112 stemmer)

Gaijo Emergenza Festival ÅrhusFunk-Pop-Jazz-fusion, mellow and laid back. Somehow old school, always catchy. Trombone and trumpet give the colour on the cake. Just great!

Warhound – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 3 (90 stemmer)

Warhound Emergenza Festival ÅrhusMotorbiking through Jylland or the United States – With these guys everything is possible. Head banging included. Yes, I like it.

Indiancowboy – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 4 (87 stemmer)

Indiancowboy Emergenza Festival ÅrhusStraight but authentic, bouncing the stage full of energy. Great musicians freaking out, electrifying the audience.

Incredibly Close – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 5 (81 stemmer)

Incredibly Close Emergenza Festival ÅrhusBreathtaking and surprising. No noise, music. Drums and bass prepare the carpet, the jazzy guitar adds a solo and the singer, never loud but always present, is singing about emotions, luck and sufferer.Impressing.

Suzann And The Davies – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 6 (73 stemmer)

Suzann And The Davies Emergenza Festival ÅrhusBeside the strong voice of the lead singer the musicians are masters on their instruments. Classic rock songwriting perfect played – a wonderful concert.

Momentum – Placering: 7 (68 stemmer)

Momentum Emergenza Festival ÅrhusThe shouter is singing, the quickest guitar players ever still play harmonies, the bass player plays totally fitting lines and the drummer is able to play an orchestra. Fantastic musicians presenting a great concert. Ready for a big stage!

Fair Enough, Martian – Placering: 8 (64 stemmer)

Fair Enough, Martian Emergenza Festival ÅrhusThey play this singalong Pop so intense and engaged taking you on a journey far away from the daily fights. They make you listen and attentive, provoking an inner noise.

The Black Leaves – Placering: 9 (59 stemmer)

The Black Leaves Emergenza Festival ÅrhusA vital show involving the audience from the beginning. They started rocking and ended with R’n’B. The audience fell in love with the band.
Fotograf: Philip Bo Pedersen
Gæsteskribent: Peter Bauer

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