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Resultat Kbh indledende #9

KBH indledende runde #9, Rust

Strange Vacation – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 1 (116 stemmer)

Strange Vacation Emergenza Festival KøbenhavnSuch a young band, full of ideas with a grand song writing. Spacing around with a heap of Funk, though totally catchy. See them in Lille Vega.

Mansfield – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 2 (112 stemmer)

Mansfield Emergenza Festival KøbenhavnYeah, they rock the 60’s to the present, perfect played and sung. They make everybody in the club dance, with a bright smile. Music you can’t hide from.

Apollo Bear – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 3 (104 stemmer)

Apollo Bear Emergenza Festival KøbenhavnSensitve, setting notes at the right position, no hurrying along. Playing their ideas and feelings with all the might you can imagine.

Overcrooked – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 4 (98 stemmer)

Overcrooked Emergenza Festival KøbenhavnFull power without curves. No compromises – on the point to smash you. The shouter can sing, the guitars are dirty clear, drummer and bass player push it forward – a hell of PunkMetal.

Variah – videre til semifinalerne
Placering: 5 (87 stemmer)

Variah Emergenza Festival KøbenhavnThey do it straight, they don’t fiddle around, they are powerful and on the point, they have Metal – a perfect band with gooood musicians.

Moonranger – videre til semifinalerne på wildcard
Placering: 6 (85 stemmer)

Moonranger Emergenza Festival KøbenhavnIt’s all about playing live, it’s all about Rock. What a fantastic bass player, all the band kicking ass, knowing how to punch – I like it.

In*crest – Placering: 7 (77 stemmer)

Increst Emergenza Festival KøbenhavnProg. Rock, well played. Harmonic until the drummer freaks out and hit it forward. All over music for adults – steady and surprising.

Colb – Placering: 8 (59 stemmer)

Colb Emergenza Festival KøbenhavnRock for ever – Classic R’n’R, played the rough and straight way, will never die. Brillant guitar player.

Lodge – Placering: 9 (51 stemmer)

Lodge Emergenza Festival KøbenhavnMelodic Rock from the 80’s, touching the 90’s. Highly interesting guitar lines.
Gæsteskribent: Herr Bauer

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